Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Teejay sets an example with her honest tweet for husband Karanvir!

Bigg Boss season 12 is in for some more drama with 2 wild card entries recently, Megha Dhade & protege of Vikas Gupta, Rohit Suchanti.

The inmates, rather intimidated by the new-comers were quick to laugh at their expense & were seen discussing Rohit's sexual orientation with Sreesanth stretching it a bit too far.

Karanvir played a silent spectator which didn't go down well with Teejay. Usually families & friends of the contestants locked up inside the house rally around for the latter & also defend their actions. On the other hand, Teejay who's pretty active sharing her opinions openly on the micro blogging site & involved with the current season took to twitter to share her piece of mind on the contestants that also involved her husband Karanvir who took a dig at Rohit Suchanti's sexuality.

Her tweet read, 'Disappointed with the #BiggBoss housemates after yesterday's episode. How small-minded & nasty to make fun of someone's sexuality, whether it's through words, gestures, mimicry, or just standing at the sidelines laughing. And that, too, with no proof of someone being gay.'

Twitterati applauded Teejay saying they'd like to see her in BiggBoss next year! She didn't mince her words and mentioned how contestants needed to be more responsible. She wrote, 'Everyone in Bigg Boss is a known face now, - is this how role models behave? They should keep in mind that Rohit Suchanti also has a family who watches #BB12.'

She called out Jasleen, Sreesanth, Shivashish, Dipika, Surbhi, Karanvir and the other housemates who were laughing from the sidelines.

Karanvir's stint in the Bigg Boss house has been a smooth ride with no unnecessary arguments or fights. He's also acted as a peacemaker & on many occasions put his foot forward to face a punishment & avoid clashes. He's set an example of a family man with his calm & composed demeanor.

Teejay without taking sides, did speak on behalf of Karanvir from her experience, 'I know it was not intentional on KV's part. He is a very sincere, decent human being. He didn't mean to be hurtful. I'm still his number 1 fan but we have to help the people we love become better people.'

There you go! A fine example has been set! More power to you Teejay!

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